Emergency Services

We currently have working relationships with three emergency centers on the south and west side of the Denver Metro area.  All three are open for emergency services on weekends and throughout the evening and night.  We have listed maps, phone numbers, and a brief description of each center’s characteristics.


ACCESS (Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services)

ACCESS is located at 2201 Wadsworth Blvd. Their telephone number is 303-239-1200. ACCESS provides general emergency services and is our recommendation for routine types of emergencies. ACCESS is strictly an emergency center but also does remain open during regular business hours. They are an excellent choice for out-patient emergencies (where animals are not hospitalized) or for in-patient emergencies not needing after-care by surgical or medical specialists.

Central Veterinary Emergency Service (at the) Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado

Central Veterinary Emergency Service is part of the Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado (VRCC), which is located just East of Sante Fe Blvd and just south of Hampden Ave (Hwy 285) at 3550 S. Jason.  Their telephone number is 303-874-PETS (7387).  VRCC is an ultramodern emergency center and referral hospital providing access to 9 categories of Board Certified Specialists, including Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Radiology (X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI etc), Cardiology, Oncology (Cancer), Dermatology and Emergency/Critical Care.  In addition, they have a major diagnostic laboratory facility on-site.  Central Veterinary Emergency Service is open all night and on weekends and holidays. This facility is an excellent choice for severe emergencies where advanced care from their staff of specialists and state-of-the-art equipment would be required. You can visit VRCC on the web at www.vrcc.com.

Animal ER

Animal ER is located at 221 W. County Line road, 1 block north of the intersection of C-470 and South Broadway Blvd. They are on the west side of the Albertsons/South Park Centre. Their telephone number is 720-283-9348.  Animal ER is part of the Colorado Veterinary Specialists, which includes a group of doctors who are board certified specialists in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Reproduction, and Radiology. They are also an excellent choice for severe emergency cases in which the use of specialists may be anticipated. They are also one of the few emergency centers in the Denver area available for exotic pets.